25 February 2009


Wednesday, 25/02/09, 2.30pm.. presentation!!.. huhuhu.. monthly presentation conducted by my supervisor.. so, all supervisee need to present their progress.. including me.. actually bagus juge Dr. Jamil buat monthly presentation nie.. bcoz if not, sometimes we lost our focus.. so with this presentation, at least we can share our views with other members n of course can get some feedback to improve our research..

But.. disebabkan gusi ku yg membengkak.. mmg la takde mood nak present.. but i've try my best to show my commitment.. otherwise nnti kite juge yg kene hentam... huhuhu.. wpun sakit, kugagahkan jua... chaiyo! chaiyo!

After presentation... Alhamdulillah... rase lega sgt sbb my supervisor just gave some comment on my writing error.. yg lain he said GOOD n can proceed with my write-up.. itu yg paling mengambil masa.. he gave me 2 months to settle my write-up.. adoi.. sempat ke?? next month nak cuti pnjg...=( pape pun.. ku bersyukur kepada-Mu Ya Allah kerana mempermudahkan segala perjalanan kehidupan ku... Amin....

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