20 September 2011

Dr. in the house!!! (^_^)

Salam to all... (^_^)
Arini ekin nk introduce my new biz partner!!!
Welcome to our group Dr. Dina!!!

Actually Dina ni schoolmate ekin time kt MRSM Kuantan dulu...
Lame juge we all tak jumpe.. Tp segala-galanye bermula dr FB!!
FB la yg merapatkan kami semula & we start to keep in touch...
Until one day Dina tanye ekin about bizz yg ekin joined skang..

Disebabkan ekin skang dh kt kltn, so Dibah yg tlg explained details bout this bizz to Dina.. Thanks my dear leader!!! Hurmmm... Walaupun Dina dah ade kerja tetap & gaji besar, but she still insist to joined this bizz.. Why??? Because she also belief on the future of this bizz...

So for those yg berminat nk pakai PB or nk dgr bout this bizz especially yg berada di area Seremban or KL, bleh la contact Dina ye!!

or bleh juge nak contact ekin direct.. :)
I will show and guide u all the way!!!!

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