18 March 2011

2nd committee meeting- Result..

Smlm my committee meeting run smoothly..
I'm happy with the comments given by all my committee members..
Thank you ALLAH...

Dr.A : you did it precisely.. very detail.. this is really diff compared to the one you presented before..but u need to improve your problem statement.. do relate the prob.stat. with your RQ.. and hypotheses, write it in paragraph.. expand more..

Prof R: excellent.. the idea was there.. only some adjustment needed in your words used in the write up.. u don't need to use the sample size & sampling frame bcoz your target population was small.. make sure u report your 1st phase of data collection which is the qualitative part..if you're not reporting this, set it as a fieldwork rather than qualitative data collection..the rest was fine.. good..

Prof J: i'm glad the committees happy with your work.. i've been asking for this report since last yr.. but it ok.. coz u did it correctly.. make sure you take point on the comments given by Dr.A and Prof. R.. pls give the amendment a.s.a.p and we can get u ready for your PD..


Suhaida said...

yeay!thumbs up!sory akk semalam tak jumpa jadinya..unexpected la..saya mengantuk..hehe..bila nak jumpa akak ni ek??

apapun tahniah!!yeay!!so boleh collect data!=)

EKIN said...

tq su!!! akk lega sgt2.. hihi.. happy kejap.. tp pasni pening nak create ayat utk prob stat tu polak..hukhuk..

collect data!! huwaaaa... sgt susah nk gi intvw bagai.. tp akan ku usahakan juge.. xlrt dh mengadap kije nie..

papepun, nnti ade kelapangan bgtau ye su.. kite jumpe.. hihi..

Suhaida said...

takpe2..sikit je lagi..=)

part collect data tu mmg camtula kan..tapi ada part su nak share pasal interview dan Qs tu..hope dapat membantu..

baik!mesti..ala..ada je keje ni kan..akan ku cuba cari waktu kelapangan ye..=)

pstt..su kat GSM ni..lari dari student lagi..hehe..student asyik tanya tips je..penat layan...so arini sampai isnin turn paper su..so waktu2 camni la kena lari..hehe..

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