03 November 2010

Acceptance Letter ;)

Just received an acceptance letter fr GSM-FEP-AGBA Conference committee.. Alhamdulillah.. takde problem.. so now, i need to work on the full paper.. chaiyok ekin!!!

Dear Prof/Asso.Prof/Dr/Mr/Ms Norasekin Ab Rashid

Congratulations! Your paper “Sources of Quality Uncertainty in The Halal Food Supply Chain”, submitted to be considered for presentation at the GSM-FEP-AGBA Conference 2010, has been accepted. If you want your paper to compete for the best paper award, submit the full paper before 15 November, 2010.

On behalf of the organizing committee, I thank you for sharing your research with us. Please visit our website http://gsm.upm.edu.my/seminar2010 to register and to keep updated about the seminar. We hope to see you at the seminar.


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EKIN said...

huhuhu.. akhirnye.. tp akk tgh pening nak siapkan full paper nie.. huhuhuhuhu... ;(

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